Alabama vs Clemson – Sugar Bowl 2018 Preview

The college bowl games are quickly approaching. There are some great match ups in these games but Alabama vs Clemson  is one of the most exciting and anticipated rematch of the college football calendar. Because of against the Tigers with a third consecutive postseason meeting with Alabama, the No. 4 team in the country. Here you need to know about Alabama vs Clemson – Sugar Bowl 2018 football game preview.

Alabama vs Clemson

Alabama vs Clemson

Clemson Tigers have a great season. They destroyed Miami for their playoff spot and they stayed ranked at number three during the regular season. Clemson is one of the few teams that have given Alabama trouble over the last few years, and despite Alabama’s quest to avenge last season’s defeat in the national championship, the Tigers will come out on top thanks to players like Feaster, Renfrow and McCloud who will open up the Alabama defense in the second half.

Alabama got by the regular season but had a great deal of difficulty. They made the playoffs in part to the horrible season that Florida State had but still some of the wins were so close they it was almost scary.

Where is the Sugar Bowl 2017 semifinal, and how can I watch?

Team: Clemson (12-1, 7-1 in ACC) vs. Alabama (11-1, 7-1 in SEC)

Stadium and city: Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans

Date and time: Jan. 1, 8:45 p.m. ET

TV and streaming: ESPN and WatchESPN

Many sports experts’ fans wonder if Alabama even deserved to be playing in the Sugar Bowl. Many feel that Ohio State should be in their place. Still Alabama pulled off the win and they are preparing to take on Clemson.

Alabama does have a strong running game and their quarterback has over 500 yards rushing. Clemson has a very talented defense and they are looking to put a stop to the running game that Alabama is going to bring.

The Sugar Bowl plays host to a Playoff semi every three years. In years when the Sugar hosts one semi, the Rose hosts the other. This is the second of those instances, after the two historic bowl games kicked off the inaugural Playoff at the end of the 2014 season. The Playoff is massive every year, and so are the Rose and Sugar Bowls (if a bit less so) even when they’re not doubling as Playoff games. It’s extra special when these two games are involved in the sport’s main event, as they are this year.

The players on Clemson are entering the game pretty roughed up and their defense has been in better shape earlier in the season. They have two linebackers, Terrell Lewis and Christian Miller who have not played since the beginning of the season. The defense has also given up yardage over the season. Alabama is going to be missing Hootie Jones who has a knee injury. The team is resting up and the rest of the players are looking pretty healthy for the big game.

“We’re the defending national (champions), we’re the guys that are going to have to deliver the punch,” cornerback Ryan Carter said. “At the end of the day, I think we’re excited about going into the College Football Playoff being No. 1. We’re excited about the opportunity to play Alabama again, Part 3.

“It’s a little bit surreal, but I know guys are excited about the challenge and … we’re trying to be the bad guys on the block for sure.”

While the game can go either way Clemson is slightly favored. They have proven they are a tough team on both offense and defense. They are in a good position to come out ahead but Alabama will not make it easy for them.

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